Saturday, December 14, 2013

My heroine needs a name. Anyone?

I’ve been making some decisions on my new series. The first book finally has a title: Andrew’s Key. Instead of “The Hartford Stories,” the subtitle will be “Stories From Hartford.” Is that better? I don’t know. I’m going with that anyway because I need to settle on something.

I finished the draft for Book 2 and immediately began work on Book 4. Now I’m committed to having at least 4 books in the series. You might think having 3 books in progress only commits me to 3 books. But I am way too stubborn to take something I’ve been calling Book 4 in my head and suddenly make it Book 3.

I have a few pages of plot and character notes. I’m sticking with my decision to make this one a Christmas love story, which is why I felt like skipping ahead to it right now. But one very important decision has yet to be made. As I said in the beginning, my heroine needs a name. I’ve been flipping through the phonebook and trolling baby name websites to no avail. I always struggle with names, but I seem particularly stuck this time. Most names make me think of someone I know or have known and if that person doesn’t look anything like the character in my head, then the name won’t work for me. It isn’t any better if that person does resemble the character because I don’t want to feel as though I’m naming a main character after a real person.

I know this might be a long shot… but does anyone want to suggest a character name? I could use the help. I still have a few minor characters to name so I might be able to work in some suggestions even if they don’t seem right for the heroine. Feel free to suggest first and last or only first or last.