Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Love in Andauk Continues

The second book in my Love in Andauk series, Into the Fire, is now available.  I guess that means I should start talking about book three.  What?  You want to know more about book two?  I just said it was available.  Go ahead and read it, then let me know if you still have questions.

Let’s talk about book three.  I haven’t finished the first draft, but it already has a title.  I’m kind of excited about that.  I think the hardest decision when I started the book was whether or not to write it in 1st person.

If you’re a fan of my work, thank you.  But what I meant to say is if you’re a fan, you’ve picked up on the fact that some of my books are written in 1st person and some in 3rd.  The guy usually plays the biggest role in which point of view I choose because 1st person is always the girl telling the story.  I have to ask myself if I want to include the guy’s perspective.  Usually, this is obvious as soon as I start forming the story in my head.  Sometimes he has interesting family members or situations I want to be able to write.  Sometimes it feels important to show how he’s progressing in the new relationship.

The choice wasn’t as obvious for this book.  The main guy has no fun qualities, no quirky family, no investment in the growing relationship and… Come on, you know I’m kidding!  Of course he’s great.  Sometimes a story just seems to work better when the reader gets to learn things about the guy or find out what he’s up to at the same time as the girl.  That’s what I mostly thought when I was outlining this third book.  There were still a few scenes I wanted to write from the guy’s perspective though.  It wasn’t enough.  I’ve read books where the perspective shifts for only a couple of chapters, and I found that awkward and annoying.  I don’t want to write awkward or annoying unless it’s something the characters are doing to each other.  Because that can be funny.

To get rid of the uneven split, I had to either cut out some things or write some things from a different perspective.  There are a lot of “things” involved when I’m being vague on purpose.  Why am I being vague on purpose?  Who is telling this 1st person story?  Which guy is playing a significant role in it?  What is that title I was happy to settle on so early?  Why all these questions?  I’m trying to give you more reasons to check out Into the Fire.  All of these questions (and so many more) can be answered if you read book two because there is a short preview of book three at the end of the ebook version.  You’re welcome.