Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Not Even My Characters Are Poets

Perhaps I could share a few lines on my progress
A verse or two about the book coming next
But Emily is awful rhymed with Book Three
Nothing that sounds like Joseph agrees with me
One thing that’s easy for me to admit
Is that I am most definitely not a poet

I thought I’d try something a bit different
Maybe something with a lyrical bent
But my words don’t bend or tilt or sway
I don’t know why I tried to write this way
When it comes to form, my default is couplets
And that’s only one reason I’m not a poet

I prefer to write stories about love and romance
Couples that start as friends or meet by chance
There are figurative storms they need to weather
And overcome obstacles to get together
Possibly with actions that are mildly heroic
But not even my characters are poets

And while this post is getting hairy
Because all this rhyming is really scary
There’s no reason to worry, no reason to fret
All my books are prose.