Monday, April 20, 2015

A Work in Progress

Things I am NOT ready to reveal about my next book:

The title. This book has had several working titles and I am not excited about any of them. I’m hoping for inspiration soon.

The cover. With every book I write, there comes a point in the project when I think to myself something like, “Oh, crap. This one’s going to need a cover, too.” I know all books need covers but I’m only thinking about the story when I start one. Eventually, I have to let myself think about the work. And covers are work.

The blurb. I have a first draft description of the book, which is earlier than I usually achieve this step. But I’m hoping for feedback from test readers before I commit to the current text.

The release date. I’m guessing August but that’s tentative.

Things I AM ready to reveal about my next book:

The subtitle. This book will be the first of four in a series called Coffee and Donuts.

The heroine. The story is told in first person by Alexa Fenley. Alexa was not raised in the church, and I believe that makes her my first convert. She is at times far braver than I would be.

The guy. No surprise there’s a guy. It is a love story after all. Oh wait, that’s not a surprise either.

Four random quotes. The following are out-of-context things that Alexa says in the book.

“I’m not a squealer. There are a lot of secret thoughts jumping around in my head right now but none of them have to do with how pretty those animals are.”

“I only decided you might not be an ax murderer.”

“These hallways are confusing. I thought I could find my way faster if I just walked around the building.”

“You get to ask me my favorite leaf but what you do for lunch is too boring?”