Tightening the Knot

Meredith Donnor is no longer searching for the man of her dreams. She married him six years earlier. But her romantic life has gotten off track. To avoid an uncomfortable subject, she and Greg are barely speaking - distractions at work, where Meredith teaches first grade, are not helping - and Meredith’s penchant for over-thinking generates more anxiety than answers. She becomes increasingly frustrated as her hints to restart communication go unnoticed and Greg’s return gesture comes with its own set of problems.

When they finally escape to the “Tightening the Knot” marriage seminar, they believe there is more to laugh at than benefit from. But could humor provide the breakthrough this humorless situation needs?

Note from the author:
This was the first book I retired. My idea was to write a love story between two people who were already married and needed a rekindling. Perhaps it was ill-advised to try to make light of that situation. While some people did like it, the ones who didn't were adamant about their position.  It seemed best to stop offering this book.