Weathering Evan

Tammy Janeway is having some issues. Evan Knightly is at the root of all of them. Of course it’s not his fault that she has a massive crush on him. But she can’t even be sure he deserves her adoration. One minute he’s undeniably sweet and charming, the next he acts like a creep.

Tammy is tired of feeling like a nervous teenager in her professional life. She knows she’s making a fool of herself in front of the co-worker who is already dating Evan. She knows she can’t stop thinking about him and she knows she wants to. But the one thing she doesn’t know just might be the key to finding a fresh start.

Note from the author:
The 4th Floor Lounge has so far been my most popular book. For that and some more personal reasons, I consider it a turning point in my writing career. Weathering Evan was the last book I wrote before that and the most recent of what I've classified as "earlier works."