Beyond Wisherton (Wisherton #1)

Wisherton is surrounded by a Wasteland filled with terrifying Herders. Sevra Say has lived twelve years grateful for the giant wall that keeps Wisherton safe.

But now her life is threatened by something inside Wisherton, something that makes her believe getting past the wall may be the only way to save her family.

With the help of her three siblings, Sevra will embark on an impossible quest and come face to face with what lies beyond Wisherton.

Note from the author:
Wisherton was sort of my daughter's idea. When she was about eight years old, she asked me if we could write a book together. We sat down with a notebook and filled a few pages with ideas. I wrote a sample chapter and gave it to her to read. I figured she'd mark a few things and have thoughts about where the story should go next. She returned my pages with nearly everything crossed out. I think there were two sentences that she liked.

Clearly, writing together was not going to work.

I shelved the project indefinitely. Meanwhile, another child kept asking me when I was going to write something else like Zero Station. I really didn't want to go back to sci-fi so I kept thinking about that Wisherton fantasy. I thought he'd like it if I could figure out how to write it. What I eventually came up with bears little resemblance to the story my daughter and I originally brainstormed. Except the place name; I stuck with the name she chose. And while she didn't end up writing this book with me, she did help me draw the map on the cover.

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