Excerpt #38: Evelyn's Granddaughter

From the author:

I wrote recently about how I don't hand out unnecessary names.  This is an example from Evelyn's Granddaughter.

From the book:

    I nodded. But that only solved my problem until I found something else I wanted to examine.
    “Morning, folks.” An older man with bushy gray hair and a similarly bushy moustache greeted us. The badge on a lanyard around his neck suggested he was working the sale. But it had flipped backwards so I couldn’t read a name or title if there was either. “Are you finding some things that interest you?”
    “Yes,” I said. “Several.”
    He nodded and tipped the box at his side forward to show me it was empty. “I thought you might like to use this box to gather your purchases.”
    “Thank you,” I said, taking the box. “That will be very helpful.”
    “Just take everything to that table there when you’re ready.” He pointed to the cashier sign I’d noticed earlier.
    I thanked him again before he headed the same direction he’d pointed. I turned to Jackson. “The fact that he had a box ready probably means I’m not the first person to realize I should have brought something to carry everything, right?” “Yes,” Jackson said. “And I didn’t think of it either so it totally wasn’t obvious at all.”

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