Meet Cute: 5 Romantic Short Stories

5 stories… 5 couples… 1 cute collection…

THE SLOW LANE – Slow traffic on the way home from work is never any fun. Or is it? When the good-looking guy in another car starts flirting with Mia, she ends up enjoying the commute and the surprise it brings.

MY BROTHER THE MATCHMAKER – Tabby’s brother likes to play match-maker. She insists she doesn’t want his help. Will Tabby have to admit she likes the guy her brother picked for her or will she finally see her good friend as something more?

WAITING FOR THE BUS - Wes isn’t waiting for the bus. He always knows exactly what time it arrives. He knows what time she arrives to wait for it. Can he figure out the mystery woman? And will he have a chance to capture her attention as well as she has captured his?

NOW IS GOOD – Emily and Zane get two chances to meet two years apart. What happens when only one of them remembers the first time?

PIZZA HEAVEN – Pizza Heaven has mouthwatering food and a fun atmosphere. It’s a dream job for most of the college students who work there. Kara in particular doesn’t want to leave and she’s attached to something besides the pizza. The problem? She doesn’t have the courage to tell him.

Note from the author:
This batch of short stories was intended to be free samples of my writing.  All five of the stories are offered free at various sellers at various times.  A certain platform has exclusivity terms that makes this complicated for me.  That's why there is also a paperback version and the full ebook is only $0.99.

Where/When are the stories free?

The Slow Lane: Most ebook sellers, including Kobo and Scribd and Apple.

My Brother the Matchmaker: Amazon, through kindle unlimited or for everyone March 1 - 5.

Waiting for the Bus: Amazon, through kindle unlimited or for everyone April 18 - 22.

Now is Good: Amazon, through kindle unlimited or for everyone February 15 - 19.

Pizza Heaven: Amazon, through kindle unlimited or for everyone February 24 - 28.