They See a Family

When tragedy leaves two babies in Kay Donovan’s care, she reaches out to her friend William for help. By the time she stumbles her way through the grief and day-to-day survival, William has become a significant part of their lives. Untangling the connection would be far more difficult for everyone than becoming a real family. But isn’t marrying someone because it’s convenient rather old-fashioned? Kay doesn’t think so. The problem is she’s in love with William, and that’s a little inconvenient when discussing marriage like a business deal.

William had been biding his time in the friend zone. All romantic hopes are put aside when Kay faces one trial after another. Until Kay suggests that their friendship might be enough to make them a family. He’d love to marry her, but can it work if she’s only trying to do what’s best for the kids?

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There is a novella-length prequel for this book called The Study Group.  It is packaged as an ebook for easier reading and should be free everywhere except Amazon.  It can also be read on the blog where it was originally posted, though it is cut into seven parts there.

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