Saturday, November 8, 2014

Too early to talk Christmas?

The fourth and final book in the Stories From Hartford series is coming out next week. It’s called The Christmas Project and my Christmas project is getting people to read it. Towards this end, the ebook version will be free from its release all the way until Christmas.*

I know what you’re thinking. “Another free ebook? Whoop-de-do. Everyone is giving away ebooks these days.” Am I right?

Let’s have a discussion about why you should be excited about this one anyway. Because I am also a reader and because I also have at least fifty free books sitting on my kindle that I may never get around to reading, I can do both sides of this discussion.

You: Give me some good reasons why I should download and read The Christmas Project instead of those other books.

Me: I’ll do my best. Reason #1 – He’s secretly in love with her.

You: Aww.

Me: Exactly. We all know that revealing long-held feelings is even sweeter than any cute meeting. Reason #2 – It’s a Christmas story. You can’t tell me that Christmas romances aren’t popular when the Hallmark channel is showing about 200 of them this month. Since you already watched some of those last year…

You: That’s true. A lot of those are reruns.

Me: Yes. My book is new. Reason #3 – The Christmas Project is awesome.

You: Um…

Me: I know. I’m a little biased. But that’s still a good reason. You like reading books that are awesome, don’t you?

You: Um…

Me: All right. We’ll move on. Reason #4 – It’s part of a series. That means if you like it, you’ll know what to read next.

You: Didn’t you say this was the last book?

Me: Don’t worry about that. The books make sense in any order. Reason #5 – It’s squeaky clean. If you decide you want to give copies for Christmas, there won’t be any embarrassing content to get in the way. Reason #6 – It might make you laugh. There’s one part where—

You: Wait! You’ve totally convinced me.

Me: Really?

You: Yes. I’m excited and I’m going to be back later to tell you what I think of it.

Me: Thank you. I’m glad we had this talk.

*I don't have the power to make a book free on Amazon. I can only hope they match the free price elsewhere, which typically takes a while. If you find that it's not free on Amazon, check back a few days later or download a kindle version from Smashwords.

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