Monday, August 17, 2020

Two of the Things I Cannot Do

I think I may have written myself into a corner. Not the way most people mean it though. The story is coming along fine. Fine, not amazing. Progress has been glacial because of the distractions and overall unsettled feelings of the last several months. I get discouraged for a while, then plunge in with a new wave of inspiration. The ending is in sight and while it does seem to be taking forever to get there, I am still enjoying it.

So what’s the problem, this corner I’m facing? While working on the book, I’ve been trying to brainstorm titles and cover ideas. One of the minor characters – who will have a larger role later – is an amateur artist. I got this idea that I could use some of “her” paintings on the covers. It would be a different picture on each book but still a painting, which would create a cohesive feel to the series. This idea could even tie in with a title suggestion that I kind of like. I’m becoming more and more enamored with the thought of putting paintings on my next books.

Except that I can’t paint.

I really cannot paint. I do not possess the talent, the space or the supplies or anything else I’d need to create these paintings I’m imagining. I don’t even know what else I’d need. It’s that hopeless. But I still can’t talk myself out of the idea. Why should I give up an idea just because it won’t happen? Now I’m brainstorming ways to change what is possible. Learning how to paint isn’t an option. There are certainly things I could learn if I invested enough time and money. The books don’t have the time it would take. I’d hate to have a stack of finished books sitting around unreleased while I’m ruining canvases.

I’m beginning to pray that I might have enough computer skills to fake some art skills. Though I’m trying to delay finding out if I’m right. I’m planning in my head. I’m thinking about the pictures I could use and the filters I could try. I’m matching possible titles with possible scenes. I’m sitting in my corner building up a list of ideas before I start kicking the walls. Obviously, painting is one of the things I cannot do, another is give up easily. If these books end up with anything other than paintings (or the appearance of paintings) on the covers, rest assured that I did not go down without a fight.

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