Thursday, August 18, 2022

Bonus Content

Q. When was the last time you interviewed yourself?

A. Are you sure I’ve done that?  It sounds a little crazy.

Q. You definitely have.

A. I’m not admitting anything except that I don’t remember the last time.

Q. I think that means it’s time to do it again.  Don’t you?

A. No.

Q. It’ll be fun.  People love your self-interviews.

A. I don’t even know if self-interview is a real thing.

Q. It is.  And people love it.  This is an opportunity to spread joy.

A. You’re going with spreading joy as the reason I need to do this?

Q. Don’t you want to spread joy?

A. Go ahead and ask a question.

Q. When is your next book coming out?

A. The Art of Friendship will be available very soon, on August 27th.

Q.  Hey, that’s real news.  This interview thing was a great idea.  That’s book four in the Romance Arts series, right?

A.  Yes.  It’s the last book in the series but not quite the end of the series.

Q. Wait.  It’s not the end of the series?  That sounds like bigger news.  What do you mean?

A.  I’m writing a collection of short stories, proposal stories, one for each of the four guys in the books.

Q. Proposal stories!?  Where and when can I read those?

A. The first part of the first one will appear…

Q. Wait!  Can I guess who is going to propose first?

A. You could, but I wouldn’t be able to say if you’re right or not.  We don’t want to spoil anything if anyone else wants to guess.

Q. I’ll guess later then, but I think it might be the guy who sort of almost proposed in the book.  What were you saying about the first part of the first one?

A. It’ll be posted right here September 20th.  And then in October, I’ll post the first part of the second story.

Q. What about the rest of the first one!? 

A.  Well, this is where some people might think I’m being a little mean.  I’m going to make you wait until December.  A sample of the third and fourth stories will be posted in November and December.  And right after that, just in time for Christmas, the full collection will be available as an ebook.  I’ll provide links to make it easy.

Q. Can I guess what you’re calling this ebook?

A. Sure.

Q. Is it Four Amazing Proposals from Four Amazing Guys?

A. Uh… that’s a little long and… Remember how the other titles all start with The Art of?

Q. Right.  Theme.  Is it going to be called The Art of Popping the Question?

A. I actually thought about that for about five seconds.  But it’s too… not right.  The collection will be called simply The Art of Proposing.

Q. That would have been my next guess.  So when do we get to do this again?

A. Well, I did just explain how the posts are planned through December.

Q. Cool.  More joy in January?



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